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Zooni is an easy to use delivery software and driver's app built to drastically improve the logistics of local delivery businesses
Your Store Receives An Order
Manager Assigns Delivery to Driver
Driver Accepts Delivery & Updates Store & Customer
Driver Delivers Package To Customer
Full of features, it's no wonder drivers, customers and store owners all love our delivery software
Optimize Routes
Driver's can find the fastest route between delivery destinations and get step by step directions for walking, driving or bicycling.
Automate Dispatch
Newly created delivery tickets can be automatically sent to the delivery driver closest to the delivery destination or to the first driver who accepts the delivery ticket.
Real Time Tracking and Alerts
Your office staff can track the GPS location of each of your delivery drivers and drivers can update the office staff with each milestone met during the delivery process.
Digital Proof of Delivery
Drivers can show proof of delivery by adding photos and signature verification to the delivery ticket.
Spending Rewards Program
You can track your customer's spending through our tiered rewards program. Our system will calculate the total spending of your customers and will place each customer into their respective rewards level.
Customer-to-Driver Tracking
Offer your customers an "Uber-like" experience. Your customers can receive notifications during each step of the delivery process and can track their driver's ETA and even leave a review of the driver's performance.
Autonomous Communication
Customers and Driver's can call and text autonomously through a dedicated virtual number that we provide so your driver's phone number will always be protected.
Connect To Our API
Connect your online store to your Zooni account to make processing online orders easier than ever. Online orders will be sent through our API and will automatically create delivery tickets and assign them to the appropriate driver.
Meet Our Zooni Delivery App
Customer Communication
Customers and drivers can autonomously communicate through SMS text messages and calls
Customer Loyalty
Keep your customers happy and reward them through our customer rewards program
Delivery Verification
Verify every order with signature verification and driver GPS logging
Optimize Routes
Routes will be automatically updated for your drivers
Delivery Calendar
Browse through past and future deliveries using our calendar view
Delivery Sorting
Delivery tickets can be sorted based on shortest distance between stops or time
Driver Tracking
Customers can track their delivery driver GPS position and ETA much like "Uber"
Delivery Notes
Stay organized by adding notes to your delivery tickets

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