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Simple Pricing

As low as $0.50 per delivery

We offer a ton of features that come with every Zooni membership level. The more Zooni credit you buy, the more money you save!

When you sign up for a membership plan, the amount you pay will be held as credit and the delivery tickets you create will be deducted from your credit based on the membership level you signed up for. Credits rollover from month to month, so if you have a slower month than usual, your credit will still be available for you the following month. Sign up for a 14 day free trial for any of our membership plans to test all the Zooni features!


Credit Never Expires

Only $0.70 per delivery
Get started using our feature packed software and driver's app with our all inclusive Blue plan which includes up to 500 deliveries.

Credit Never Expires

Only $0.60 per delivery
Take advantage of the lower price-per-ticket offer with our Cyan plan which also comes with all the features you would get with the Blue plan and includes up to 1,500 deliveries.

Credit Never Expires

Only $0.50 per delivery
Designed for larger delivery companies that want to take advantage of our best price-per-ticket offer, our Orange plan comes with all the features the Blue and Cyan plan comes with at a lower price-per-ticket rate and includes up to 3,000 deliveries.

Some of the many features you get

  • Allowed unlimited driver accounts
  • Allowed unlimited operator accounts
  • Routing and driving directions
  • Create recurring subscriptions
  • Auto-assign drivers & apply delivery fees
  • Driver app photo upload
  • Driver app delivery ticket notes
  • Email, push & SMS notifications
  • Customer rewards program
  • Customer Signature verification
  • Multi-stop route optimization
  • Autonomous SMS text messages
  • Hide driver's phone number from customer
  • Heatmap and driver analytics
  • API Access - total automation from order to delivery